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Massage Treatments:

Pressure Point, Chinese Cupping, Hot Stone,

Relaxation, Aromatherapy, Pregnancy

30 mins                       $40

45 mins                       $55

1 hour                          $70

90 mins                      $100

2 hours                       $130

Choose 1 style or a combination of these styles - a great choice and the most popular amongst regular clients. Another popular choice is neck, head, shoulders & back - those problem areas which hold tension and stress. Full body hot stone, minimum 90mins. 

Guided Meditation Massage

1 hour                            $70

90 mins                        $100

*  A wonderfully relaxing massage. For de-stress, symptoms of anxiety, trouble relaxing, winding down after a busy day. It will make you feel special.

Guided Meditation & music is played whilst you receive this unwinding massage.

AromaTouch Aromatherapy Wellbeing Massage


1 hour                           $70

Back, Scalp, Feet & Hands.     8 doTERRA essential oils are used throughout the massage. 

Massage utilizes the 'AromaTouch Technique' style Aromatherapy Massage.

This is the MOST RELAXING MASSAGE you will ever receive.

This amazing technique addresses four systemic constants:  Stress, Toxicity, Inflammatory Response & Autonomic Imbalance. A powerful way to stimulate body meridian and energy points and brings the body back to balance....

The AromaTouch Massage is light touch only, for the duration of 1 hour.

No Deep tissue massage is performed.

The AromaTouch Massage is for the purpose of relaxation and balance and is safe for pregnant and nursing women.

Recognising that there are common factors at the foundation of illness in the body, the AromaTouch Technique was developed to manage systemic constants and return the body to a state of balance.

Because essential oils contain many different healing properties, each oil used in the AromaTouch Technique has been selected specifically for its individual therapeutic benefit and aroma. The AromaTouch Technique complements doTERRA CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) oils and further enhances their impact. The AromaTouch Technique addresses common negative factors that influence health and helps the body return to a state of homeostasis via a four-step process centered on CPTG oils and simple hand technique. AromaTouch will enhance essential oil activity and stimulate known body meridian and energy zones while balancing body systems and function.


30 mins         $40

1 hour           $60

Whilst fully clothed experience a hands-on relaxing, natural healing treatment. The therapists hands are placed gently on the body and follow a routine pattern. A sense of total relaxation and wellbeing is experienced. 

Foot Spa Massage

45 mins          $55

"Treat your feet foot soak & calf massage"

Sit back in a traditional Queenslander cane chair, enjoy relaxing music whilst receiving an aromatherapy foot soak and foot and calf massage. Includes a scrub & aromatherapy oils.

(Foot spas over 45mins include a hand massage.)

~ Sea Salt Back Scrub or Foot Soak ~

~ $25 extra with any massage treatment ~


Rejuvenates and restores. Perfect exfoliating of dead skin cells and feels SO wonderful.

Foot soak has a combination of magnesium crystals & your choice of a DoTERRA essential oil. 

~ Both are beautiful! You'll feel refreshed, smooth & tingling all over ! ~