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Learn to Meditate Workshops

Book a small, like minded group or private Workshop

* Learn helpful relaxation & meditation techniques which can then be incorporated into your day to day lifestyle.

* Time for you to just relax & unwind. 

* Learn to focus on your breath & being mindful whilst listening to guided meditations.  

3 Hours ~ $80 pp

No locked in course

Learn to Meditate 1

> Learn the basic principles of meditation. Find more time in your day from meditation practice and participate in practice sessions. 

> Learn most importantly how to get comfortable - we can meditate sitting, laying, standing, walking - anywhere, anytime. 

> Learn about the breath & breathing techniques. 

> Learn about our 5 senses and ways to incorporate relaxation in every day lives. 

> Take home notes & helpful references.  

Learn to Meditate 2

3 Hours ~ $80 per person

> After completing Learn to Meditate 1 join this Workshop. 

> Attend and learn follow up principles from Learn to Meditate 1, for a more thorough understanding with practice time. Longer practice sessions & more thorough understanding of meditation will be taught & shared. 

> Visualization, walking, standing & more on sound meditations will be practiced. 

> Take home notes

Comfortable spacious venue

* BRING a water bottle, wear comfortable clothes & a blanket in winter.

* Short practice sessions will take place of no longer than 15 minutes at a time.

* Sessions are taught mostly with a guided voice and to music.

The best way to find out about Meditation is to sit down & give it a try 

~  at Blissful Haven it's your perfect opportunity

 * Learn some handy techniques to use in your everyday life, at work, at home, amongst family & friends, everywhere you go

 * Learn how to make your body comfortable

 * Learn the How and Why Relaxation / Meditation works

 * Learn to find balance, inspiration & confidence in yourself

 * Learn to relax/meditate to maintain awareness of the here & now

 * Learn to use our Breathe, our 5 senses and our body to calm & heal our mind, body & soul

 * Meet new friends, be amongst like-minded people and share friendship and a new lifestyle of being more relaxed and at ease

Some wonderful benefits are:  deep relaxation, stress reduction, slowing the aging processes, strengthening our immune system, improved concentration, being more at peace with nature/ surroundings/ people, increased creativity  & enhanced appreciation of living.  

~ Benefits of Meditation ~

~ Why Meditate ? ~

~ 8 minute Breath Meditation ~

~ Nature & Focus chat ~