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Meditation Classes

At a time to suit you


Private 1-on-1 Meditation Class 1.5 hours



~ Bookings / Enquiries with Ange on 0403 336 633 ~

Learn to focus on the breath

& being mindful

People both young & old benefit from learning and practicing Meditation. Mindfulness in everyday life helps us to think more clearly, be more productive & focused and is a new way of life now for myself & my clients. By incorporating meditation into your lifestyle you will see the changes and come to realise just how much it can help you in your day to day life.

The learning and practice by you is ongoing - It's just like learning to read or to ride a bike - it takes practice, patience and time.


Join a private 1-on-1 class.... see the positive changes in you.

~ Ange 🕉 ~

All Welcome - From 8 yrs

1.5 hr Private 1-on-1 Session ~ $30


Our lives get so busy and at times we find it difficult to just stop and relax; we get caught up in every day issues.


We focus on the breath & being mindful whilst listening to guided relaxation and music.


~ open to both female & male

BOOKINGS on 0403 33 66 33

Spend an hour 'just for you' to relax & unwind

Enjoy Life, Be Positive, Be Happy!


Transform your thinking by staying in the present moment. Meditation helps to balance and restore our brain, which is essential to our wholeness as a human being. Learn about the breath and how it is the link between the mind and body.

Meditate for Tranquility, Calm & Peace of Mind

Be in charge of your own life


Learn to recognise and trust in your own strengths and to witness your reality in the light of truth. Meditation of the mind and body results in a better balance and focus in our lives.


This is a perfect opportunity to learn to rise above the mundane world in search for tranquillity, inspiration and enlightenment.

During a Meditation Class/ Workshop . . .

Enjoy sharing these . . .

Angel Embrace

There are angels who sit quietly

And whisper when we need comfort.

There are those who breathe life into us

When we are breathless.


There are angels who fill us with gracious support

When our souls become fragile,

And those who kiss us goodnight for a peaceful slumber.


There are angels that touch us with sacred laughter

When tears become a burden.

There are those who wrap their wings around us

And rock us until the ache in our heart disappears.


There are angels that can send us flying with wonder

When our hope begins to fade,

And those who devote everything to give us

Everlasting peace in Heaven.  

~ Follow Your

Heart ~

By Gisele, 2010

Be yourself. Be natural.

Be truthful with others, and yourself, in your words, thoughts and actions. Listen to your heart and follow its guidance.

Meditate every day. Chant the names of the Divine. The love and happiness you’re looking for, is within…

Decide to find out who you are, not your body, not your personality, not your thoughts & beliefs, not your emotions, not some concept of your spirituality.

The answer is an experience…


Spend some time every day in silence.

Don’t put yourself down. Be patient and gentle with yourself.


It’s ok to feel your feelings, but don’t add to them with un-provable negative thoughts.


Purify your body, speech and mind, in order to be a vessel of the pure Love Peace and Light that is your birthright and purpose of being here.


Quit toxic thoughts, habits and substances, your body is a sacred temple – honour and glorify it as that…


Be thoughtful and kind to all beings. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Get out of your thoughts. Don’t assume or presume. Don’t project the past into the future.


Practice bringing your attention to right here, right now in all activities, as often as possible.


You don’t have to improve yourself, just to uncover the perfection that is already there, hidden within you.

Embark upon the sacred journey to realise your true identity: the immortal, eternal Divine.

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